Welcome to NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise on LaunchPad! This is a single-user experience that allows you to experience full-fidelity visualization in Omniverse, all deployed on NVIDIA-Certified Systems with the NVIDIA RTX A40 GPU.

This is for individuals with a basic understanding of operating 3D software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, or Unreal Engine and who have a basic understanding of lighting, rendering, 3D geometry, and 3D cameras.

Yes, it is recommended that you have some experience using Omniverse Create. Since the virtual machines have limited session time, we won’t be doing deep dive tutorials. Instead, these “guided explorations” will allow you to experience some key features that demonstrate the power of visualizing in full fidelity with Omniverse

Because Universal Scene Description (USD) is a foundational element of Omniverse, it is highly recommended that you have at least a basic conceptual understanding of USD workflows, layers, and nomenclature.

If you need an Omniverse or USD primer. Watch the following videos to get a basic understanding of Omniverse.

Top Five things about USD

Introduction to USD

In this experience, you will use Omniverse in a virtual GPU environment, to explore and visualize a detail rich 3D asset, in real-time. This experience will demonstrate the value of Omniverse’s rich visual capabilities. This experience is also the first stage of what can be multi-person, simultaneous, creativity sessions.

This session will enable you to adjust and modify the asset with tools normally in the domain of dedicated local machines. While this is only a subset of Omniverse’s capabilities, you will be able to immediately experience the power of Omniverse and its realtime Full Fidelity visuals.

Omniverse Create

Omniverse Create is an advanced world-building application that accelerates advanced scene composition and allows designers to assemble, light, simulate, and render massive, full-fidelity scenes interactively in Pixar USD in real-time.

You’ll be connecting to a virtual machine

As mentioned; you’ll be connecting to a virtual machine consisting of a full NVIDIA RTX A40 GPU along with an Intel Xeon Gold CPU, 120GB of system memory, and 500GB of storage, all at your disposal.

You can make edits and iterations instantaneously to a project file at any layer, resulting in faster time to production with less workflow redundancy and waste. Omniverse eliminates the need for tedious, linear export-import workflows. One-click to ultra-high fidelity, immersive visualizations mean clients, project managers, and reviewers can see true-to-reality representations of their projects for instant feedback, increased confidence, and reduced levels of uncertainty.

Omniverse allows you to collaborate across digital content creation tools including Autodesk Revit, McNeel & Associates Rhino, and Autodesk 3ds Max. Although you won’t get to use those apps in this lab, you will still get a feel for a real-time working environment within the Omniverse Apps and the new levels of creativity and efficiency of device independent and collaborative, connected USD workflows.

All you need to complete this experience is any computing device that has a stable internet connection and a 2-button scroll wheel mouse.

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