Step #4: Create Cluster Policy instance for the NVIDIA GPU Operator

Next, we will create the cluster policy responsible for maintaining policy resources to create pods in a cluster.

  1. In the OpenShift Container Platform web console, select Operators > Installed Operators and click NVIDIA GPU Operator from the side menu.

  2. Select the ClusterPolicy tab, then click Create ClusterPolicy.

  3. All settings can remain at their default value(s). Click the Create button.


    The platform assigns the default name gpu-cluster-policy.


  4. At this point, the GPU Operator proceeds and installs all the required components to set up the NVIDIA GPUs in the OpenShift 4 cluster. Wait at least 10-20 minutes before digging deeper into any form of troubleshooting because this may take a period of time to finish.

  5. The status of the newly deployed ClusterPolicy gpu-cluster-policy for the NVIDIA GPU Operator changes to State:ready when the installation succeeds.


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