struct NvBufSurfaceCreateParams

Holds parameters required to allocate an NvBufSurface.

Public Members

uint32_t gpuId

Holds the GPU ID.

Valid only for a multi-GPU system.

uint32_t width

Holds the width of the buffer.

uint32_t height

Holds the height of the buffer.

uint32_t size

Holds the amount of memory to be allocated.

Optional; if set, all other parameters (width, height, etc.) are ignored.

bool isContiguous

Holds a “contiguous memory” flag.

If set, contiguous memory is allocated for the batch. Valid only for CUDA memory types.

NvBufSurfaceColorFormat colorFormat

Holds the color format of the buffer.

NvBufSurfaceLayout layout

Holds the surface layout.

May be Block Linear (BL) or Pitch Linear (PL). For a dGPU, only PL is valid.

NvBufSurfaceMemType memType

Holds the type of memory to be allocated.