Welcome to the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference.

The NVIDIA DeepStream SDK provides a framework for constructing GPU-accelerated video analytics applications running on NVIDIA® AGX Xavier™ platforms.

Documentation is preliminary and subject to change.

API Documentation

This API Documentation describes the NVIDIA APIs that you can use to customize aspects of your device’s behavior. To provide unified API documentation, the API content of this volume was generated from code comments.


The API content represents the set of public APIs you can use directly. Some APIs are not documented and we advise you do not use them directly. Using undocumented APIs can lead to incompatibility when upgrading to later releases. The APIs included in this documentation are logically grouped into a hierarchy of modules. Header files that contribute to the same capability are grouped into a single, high-level module. Each high-level module may be further broken down into functional subcategories. To view the modules in this documentation, click the API Modules tab.

Deepstream API Reference

DeepStream API Reference

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