struct NvBufSurfacePlaneParams

Holds the planewise parameters of a buffer.

Public Members

uint32_t num_planes

Holds the number of planes.

uint32_t width[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the widths of planes.

uint32_t height[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the heights of planes.

uint32_t pitch[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the pitches of planes in bytes.

uint32_t offset[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the offsets of planes in bytes.

uint32_t psize[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the sizes of planes in bytes.

uint32_t bytesPerPix[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Holds the number of bytes occupied by a pixel in each plane.