NvDsLogger APIΒΆ

group ee_logging_group

Defines an API for logging and debugging DeepStream applications.




void nvds_log_open()

Opens a connection to the logger.

This function must be called once per DeepStream application execution, prior to use of the logger.

void nvds_log_close()

Closes a connection to the logger.

void nvds_log(const char *category, int priority, const char *data, ...)

Logs a message to a location determined by the setup script.

  • [in] category: A pointer to a string which specifies the category of this message. Categories are user-defined.

  • [in] priority: Severity of the event to be logged, based on syslog levels. For more information, see ./src/utils/nvds_logger/README relative to the directory that contains the DeepStream SDK.

  • [in] data: A pointer to a string containing the message. The message may contain the format specifiers recognized by printf() in C/C++. data may be followeded by an arbitary number of parameters that supply values for the format specifiers.