Graph Composer is a tool suite built on Kit to enable users to build and deploy high-performance AI applications in the form of graph using GUI with minimal (to no) C/C++ coding. These tools are based on Graph Specification and provide complete ecosystem from extension development to graph deploy.

Graph Composer UI

Graph Composer Ecosystem

Graph Composer ecosystem is based on the following elements listed in the table below. They enable AI Application developers to create the applications using GUI based tool and deploy them using Container Builder tool without developing any code. It provides central repository of NVIDIA optimized extensions for different hardware platforms.

Graph Composer overview
Graph Composer Ecosystem elements




An Extension is a collection of components used in an AI Application. Users can use NVIDIA published extensions from the NVIDIA Cloud repository or develop their own custom extensions.

NVIDIA Cloud Repository

NVIDIA Cloud repository is the extension database managed by NVIDIA and provides access to the NVIDIA published extensions through Registry.


Registry provides standard interface between extension database such as Nvidia Cloud Repository or Local Workspace and Graph Composer tools. It is also responsible for extension version management, dependency resolution etc.


Composer is a GUI tool based on NVIDIA Omniverse Kit used to create AI Application graphs. It reads extension information from Registry which includes component types, parameters and creates visual components to create application graphs.

Graph Execution Engine

Graph Execution Engine loads extensions and graphs to execute the AI Application.

Container Builder

Container Builder creates a self-contained docker image for an AI Application graph. It interacts with registry to resolve extensions required for graph and installs latest compatible extensions to the container image.

Contents of the release

The table below lists the contents of the Graph Composer package.

Release contents


High-level Features

Graph execution engine

  • x86 and Jetson (Ubuntu 18.04),

  • Load and execute graph files


  • x86_64 and Jetson (Ubuntu 18.04)

  • Local and NVIDIA Cloud repository

  • Variants for CUDA 10.2 and 11.4

  • Version management based on Semantic versioning

  • Command Line Interface tool

  • Graph install for graph deploy


  • x86 only (Ubuntu 18.04)

  • User friendly editor view

  • Registry list in view

  • Graph edit with various options

  • Graph open/save

  • Property editor

  • Graph Launcher

  • Container Builder Launcher

  • Registry options

  • Extension Generator

Container Builder

  • x86 only (Ubuntu 18.04)

  • Command Line Interface tool

  • Create container image for graphs

  • Supports .deb/PyPi/.tgz packages