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Changes and New Feature in this Firmware Version



DOCA Programmable Congestion ControlThis new capability enables the user to control the programmability of congestion control based on DOCA including APIs, libraries, reference applications and advanced features such as high availability.
Header ModificationAdded support to the metadata reg_c 8-11 (packet fields) for matching and modifying the header, and Advanced Steering Operation (ASO) actions.
Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Added support for PTP on 200G port link speed. PTP uses an algorithm and method for synchronizing clocks on various devices across packet-based networks to provide sub-microsecond accuracy. NVIDIA Spectrum supports PTP in both one-step and two-step modes and can serve either as a boundary or a transparent clock.

INT PacketsAdded support for forwarding INT packets to the user application for monitoring purposes by matching the BTH acknowledge request bit (bth_a).
Crypto Support (GCM algorithm)Added crypto support (GCM algorithm) via the Memory-to-Memory offload (MMO) engine.
NC-SI, Strap ValuesImplemented NVIDIA NC-SI OEM command query_strap_options (command 0x0, parameter 0x34).

Implemented the following mlxconfig parameters related to the sideband interface enable/disable method:

  • PCIE_IN_BAND_VDM_DISABLE: When TRUE, the management processor will disable PCIe in-band VDM (MCTP over PCIe) interface.
  • PCIE_SMBUS_DISABLE: When TRUE, the management processor will disable SMBUS (embedded on the PCIe connector) interface.
  • RBT_DISABLE: When TRUE, the management processor will disable RBT interface.
  • PLDM_FW_UPDATE_DISABLE: When TRUE, PLDM FW update over PCIe and SMBUS are disabled.
  • HM_RDE_DISABLE: When TRUE, RDE over PCIe and SMBUS are disabled.
AES-XTSAdded the ability to increase the tweak for every block by (1<<64) instead of by 1 in AES-XTS.
DPA PROCESS ERRORAdded support for a new value for coredump_type field in DPA_PROCESS_COREDUMP, [FIRST_ERROR_THREAD_DUMP (1).].
Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.