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Not all functionalities are covered with a standard set of IPMItool commands. Therefore, a set of custom NVIDIA IPMItool raw commands have been added. The first two parameters of the raw command are NetFN and CMD.

IPMItool raw commands follow the following format:

ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -H <bmc_ip_addr> -U <username> -P <password> raw <netfunc> <cmd> <data>


  • netfunc – network function which identifies the functional message class, and clusters IPMI commands into sets
  • cmd – one byte command within a network function
  • data – optional element which provides additional parameters for a request or response message

The following table lists the supported IPMItool raw commands. Use the following template to run these commands: 

ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -H <bmc_ip_addr> -U <username> -P <password> raw <netfunc> <cmd> <data>
0x320x66N/AFactory reset
0x320x670x00Disable vendor field mode settings to be run from Arm OS
0x320x67 0x01Enable vendor field mode settings to be run from Arm OS
0x320x68N/AFetch vendor field mode settings to be run from Arm OS

Stops RShim on BMC

0x320x6a1Starts RShim on BMC

Retrieves RShim service status on BMC. Expected output:

  • 0x00 – RShim inactive (default state)
  • 0x01 – RShim active
0x320x6bN/AGets the DNS server
0x32 0x6c0x0b 0x31 0x30 0x2e 0x31 0x35 0x2e 0x31 0x32 0x2e 0x36 0x37Adds the DNS server
0x320xa1 0x0

OEM command 0xa1 is defined for various reset controls of BlueField-2 from BMC under the OEM NetFn group 0x30.

  • 0x00 – hard reset of BlueField-2 DPU
0x320xa7N/AGets NTP server
0x320xa80x01 0x31 0x2e 0x69 0x6e 0x2e 0x70 0x6f 0x6f 0x6c 0x2e 0x6e 0x74 0x70 0x2e 0x6f 0x72 0x67Adds NTP server
0x320xa80x02 0x01Enable time sync to NTP server
0x320xa80x02 0x00Disables NTP time sync
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