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Date Description of Changes
May. 2023

Added non-operational storage temperature specifications.

Nov. 2020Added MCX4121A-ACHT support across the document.
Feb. 2020Added altitude criteria to "Specifications".
Oct. 2019Updated Ethernet supported protocols in "Specifications".
Sep. 2019Added MCX4121A-XCHT support across the document.
May. 2019Updated bracket and PCB tolerance in "Specifications".
May. 2019Updated board labels and added a note to "Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card"
Dec. 2018
  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.
  • Added the following OPNs to relevant sections:
    • MCX4111A-ACUT
    • MCX4121A-ACUT
    • MCX4121A-ACST
    • MCX4131A-BCAT
    • MCX4131A-GCAT
  • Updated Features
Nov. 2017
  • Updated Features on page 15.
  • Added a note to System Requirements on page 19.
Jul. 2017
  • Updated Adapter LEDs Operations on page 62.
  • Updated “Cable Installation” on page 24.
Sep. 2016
  • Updated Adapter Card Installation Instructions on page 19.
  • Added Card Un-installation on page 25.
  • Updated the following tables:
    • MXC4111A-XCAT Specifications Table on page 60.
    • MCX4121A-XCAT Specifications Table on page 58.
    • MCX4111A-AC[A/U]T Specifications Table on page 62.
    • MCX4121A-AC[S/U/A]T Specifications on page 63.
Aug. 2016
  • Added MCX512F-ACAT and MCX512A-ACAT support across the document
Jun. 2016
  • Added a note to System Requirements.
Apr. 2016
  • Updated Physical and Logical Link Indications
Mar. 2016
  • Removed I2C-compatible Interface from Interfaces

  • Updated Features and Benefits

Feb. 2016Updated Bracket Installation Instructions on page 21
Feb. 2016
  • Updated Linux Driver
  • Updated Windows Driver
  • Updated VMware Driver
  • Added a note to Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card
Dec. 2015
  • Updated Product Overview

  • Updated speed specifications in the following sections:

    • Features and Benefits
    • Connectivity
  • Updated Specifications
Dec. 2015
  • Added mlxup to Documents List on page 9 and Updating Adapter Card Firmware

  • Updated Device ID in Product Overview

  • Added IEEE 802.3by support. See “Features and Benefits”

  • Updated PCI Device

  • Added VMware support. See VMware Driver

  • Updated Specifications

  • Added Single-port Bracket

Nov. 2015First release