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DateDescription of Changes
May. 2023

Added non-operational storage temperature specifications.

Jan. 2023Updated dimensions in board mechanical drawing 
Nov. 2022Updated board label example.
Sep. 2022Added a note concerning FRU EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benefits table.
Jun. 2022Added brackets mechanical drawings and dimensions.
Jan. 2021
  • Updated MCX566A-CCAI and MCX566A-CDAB / MCX566A-CDAI in specifications.
  • Updated LED Interface
Oct. 2020
  • Updated airflow numbers in specifications.
  • Updated networking ports LEDs indications
Sep. 2020Added OCP 3.0 bracket replacement instructions.
Jul. 2020Updated power numbers in "Specifications" and added missing airflow numbers.
May. 2020Updated board labels.
Apr. 2020

Updated "Specifications"

Feb. 2020Added altitude criteria to "Specifications".
Nov. 2019

Added a note to "Introduction".

Oct. 2019

Added MCX565M-CDAB to relevant sections of the document.
Updated Ethernet protocols support in "Specification".

Oct. 2019

Added a note to "Introduction".

Aug. 2019
  • Added a note to "Introduction".
  • Updated specifications tables.
  • Updated board labels.
 Jul. 2019

Added the following OPNs throughout the document:

  • MCX565M-CDAI
  • MCX562A-ACAB
  • MCX566A-CCAI
  • MCX566A-CDAB
Jun. 2019Updated airflow numbers in Specifications
Apr. 2019
  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.
  • Updated power numbers in Specifications and added airflow numbers.
Nov. 2018

First release