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Aug. 2023Updated typo in Brackets Mechanical Drawings and Dimensions
Jul. 2023
  • Updated MCX713104A cards lifecycle to "Mass Production"
  • Added MCX713105AS-WEAT to the EOL'ed OPNs table
  • Added a note about InfiniBand and Ethernet support for MCX75310AAS-HEAT and MCX75310AAS-NEAT card in Ordering Part Numbers
Jun. 2023Added typical power numbers for all adapter cards in Specifications.
May. 2023
Apr. 2023Updated Setting High-Speed-Port Link Type.
Feb. 2023 Updated VMware Driver Installation.
Jan. 2023
  • Added support for OPN MCX715105AS-WEAT .
  • Updated 400Gb/s Ethernet protocols in Specifications.
Dec. 2022
Nov. 2022First release of the consolidated user manual for all ConnectX-7 adapter cards.