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For previous releases changes, refer to Changes and New Features History.

Adaptive Timeout SL Mask

Added support for Adaptive Timeout SL mask.

Feature control parameter:

  • adaptive_timeout_sl_mask - an adaptive timeout enabled SLs mask. (Default 0xFFFF)
IB Router QoSExtended the QoS policy file to support subnet prefixes and port GIDs for inter subnet QoS.
This improvement enables the definition of SL/rate/MTU/packet-life for cross-subnet paths.
For further information, refer to the doc/QoS_management_in_OpenSM.txt document.
Routing Engine

Added a new root detection algorithm in UPDN and ar_updn routing engines.

Feature control parameters:

  • find_roots_color_algorithm - enables/disables the feature. (Default is TRUE)
  • max_cas_on_spine - sets the maximum number of CAs on a switch to allow considering it
    as a spine instead of a leaf by the routing algorithm.
Routing EngineChanged the default routing engine to be ar_updn instead of minhop.
Vendor Specific (VS) Key

Added support for Vendor Specific (VS) key.

The following are the parameters related to the feature:

  • vs_key_enable - enables VS key configuration:
    • 0 - ignore
    • 1 - disable
    • 2 - enable
  • vs_key_lease_period - the lease period used for VS keys in [sec].
  • vs_key_ci_protect_bits - the protection level for the key:
    • 1 - protected
    • 0 - unprotected (The response Key Info exposes the key).
  • vs_max_outstanding_mads - the maximum number of outstanding VS MADs in the network at once.
  • key_mgr_seed - used by the key manager for VS key configuration.
SA Response Time

Improved SA response time during routing calculation.

Feature control parameter:

  • enable_queries_during_routing - enables SA queries during routing calculation. (Default is TRUE)
Report Duplicated GUIDsAdded support for reporting duplicated GUIDs to UFM.
Switch RebootAdded the option to report switch reboots to UFM.
Long Transaction TimeoutEnabled the option to use long transaction timeout for PI for port 0 MADs.
SMDB Dump FileAdded subnet prefix to SMDB dump file.
SM Binding Port InformationAdded SM binding port information to the MAD details in the timeout message, dumped to the SM log file.
OpenSM Start TimeAdded SM start time to the SMDB dump file.
Dump MAD Statistics per SM Port

Added the option to enable dump MAD statistics per SM port.

Feature control parameter:

  • osm_stats_dump_per_sm_port - enables/disables the feature. (Default is FALSE)
Adaptive Routing (AR) Group IDsMade the process of selecting AR (Adaptive Routing) group IDs deterministic in each run of the SM on the same fabric.

Parameter Changes

Parameter NameStatusTypeDescription




Define a adaptive timeout SL mask of the port. Default 0xFFFF




Changed default value from (null) to ar_updn




Find root using coloring algorithm for tree based topologies.

Default is TRUE.

max_cas_on_spineNewBooleanThe maximum number of CAs on a switch to allow considering it as a spine instead of a leaf by the routing algorithm.




Changed default value from 250 to 60.




Changed default value from 60 to 90 seconds.