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  1. SFF-8665: QSFP+ 28Gb/s 4X Pluggable Transceiver Solution (QSFP28), and associated SFF documents) available at
    1. SFF-8661
    2. SFF-8679
    3. SFF-8636
    4. SFF-8662
    5. SFF-8663
    6. SFF-8672
    7. SFF-8683
  2. IEEE 802.3ba, PMD Type 100GBASE-SR4.
  3. IEEE 802.3bm, Annex 83E, CAUI-4 Interface.
  4. Cable and Transceiver Handling and FAQ - Mellanox/Nvidia Application Note (MLNX-15-3603)
  5. Measuring eye Parameters - NVIDIA Application Note (MLNX-15-5400)
  6. LinkX® Memory Map – NVIDIA Application Note (MLNX-15-5926)

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