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VersionDateDescription of Change
1.5Nov. 2021Reformatted and rebranded; migrated to HTML.


Apr. 2021

Removed “BER better than 10-15” from Key Features.
Added Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Handling and Cleaning sections.
Updated Transmit OMA, Extinction Ratio, and Transmitter and dispersion eye closure values in the Optical Specifications table.
Updated document template, legal notice, and introduction.


Nov. 2020

Added: Control Signals description, optical connector interface information in Appendix A and added References section.
Updated DDM info under Diagnostics and Other Features and the Regulatory Compliance and Classification list.Minor text edits.


Jul. 2020

Converted to new template.
Added information regarding Ethernet version of the module to the introduction.


Aug. 2016

Updated Optical Specifications
Updated minimum temperature storage


Mar. 2016

Initial release