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When streaming aggregation is enabled, it is recommended to reduce the number of enabled VLs in the subnet to 2 VLs.

To reduce the number of VLs, max_op_vl parameter of OpenSM has to be set according to required number of VLs. For example, configure OpenSM to enable 2 VLs in the subnet by changing the max_op_vl parameter in the OpenSM configuration file: 

# Limit the maximal operational VLs
max_op_vls 2

Number of Simultaneous Streaming Aggregation Flows

By default, for maximal performance, NVIDIA Quantum switches support single SHARP streaming aggregation flow.

To enable two simultaneous SHARP streaming aggregation flows, please contact Support.

Disabling SHARP on Specific Network Devices in OpenSM

Disabling SHARP on a specific network switch device can be performed using OpenSM device configuration file by performing the following:

  1. Define a port group with the specified network device in the port groups file. The group is specified by the pgrp_policy_file parameter in the OpenSM configuration file.
    For example: 

    port-guid: 0x0002c90000000001
  2. Configure OpenSM to disable SHARP on the devices of the specified port groups in device configuration file specified by the device_configuration_file parameter in OpenSM configuration file.

    		port-group-name: NON_SHARP_SWITCHES
    		sharp-enabled: 0
  3. Reload OpenSM.