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Internal Ref.Issue

Description: Fixed the way physical link failures between switches are handled. In the event of a link failure, a SHARP job utilizing the link has to be stopped; however, this will bear no effect on the other present or future jobs.

Keywords: Aggregation Manager; sharp_am; Link Failure

Discovered in Release: 3.1.0
Fixed in Release: 3.2.0

Description: Fixed the issue of when operating in Dynamic trees mode, ibdiagnet may have printed warning messages about the existence of multiple distinct trees with the same tree ID.

Keywords: Dynamic tree; ibdiagnet
Discovered in Version: 3.1.0
Fixed in Release: 3.2.0

Description: Fixed the issue of when a management host was not connected to a leaf switch, sharp_am might have printed a number of warning messages about trees that could not reach all aggregation nodes. 
As of SHARP v3.2.0, the active management host is automatically identified and is not treated as a potential compute host.
However, please note that this does not include standby management hosts for which a warning message would still appear. These management hosts can be mentioned in a list of GUIDs to ignore via the parameter ignore_host_guids_file.

Keywords: Aggregation Manager; sharp_am; leaf; GUID
Discovered in Release: 3.0.1
Fixed in Release: 3.2.0
3274564Description: Fixed an issue where sharp_benchmark bash script failed to operate on all bash versions.
Keywords: sharp_benchmark
Discovered in Release: 3.1.1
Fixed in Release: 3.2.0