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  • Description – this interface allows users to run fabric validation tests and receive the summary as a job output. Summary of the job contains all errors and warnings that were found during the test execution.
  • Request URL – /ufmRest/fabricValidation/tests
  • Main Operations
    • Get all tests
    • Run test

Get All Tests

  • Description – retrieves all the existing fabric validation tests in UFM
  • Request URL – GET /ufmRest/fabricValidation/tests
  • Request Data – N/A
  • Response 

       "SHARP FabricValidation",
  • Status Codes

    • 200 – OK

Run Test

  • Description – allows user to run a specific fabric validation test
  • Request URL – POST /ufmRest/fabricValidation/tests/test_name
    test_name is one of the tests from the list that is returned using the Get all Tests request
  • Request Data – N/A
  • Response – HTTP Response Location Header will contain URI with Job ID created for running the specified test
  • Status Codes

    • 202 – accepted

    • 409 – CONFLICT—Fabric validation test is currently running, please try running the test later
  • Job Output 

      "Status": "Completed With Errors",
      "Foreground": true,
      "Description": "Fabric validation CheckSubnetManager test",
      "RelatedObjects": [
      "Created": "2017-06-21 09:43:14",
      "LastUpdated": "2017-06-21 09:43:14",
      "Summary": {
        "TestStatus": "Completed with Errors",
        "DetailedStatus": {
          "Warning": [
          "Error": [
              "PortGUID": "0x0002c903001c56c1",
              "Summary": "Running duplicated master subnet manager",
              "NodeGUID": "0x0002c903001c56c0",
              "PortNumber": "1",
              "Scope": "Site",
              "SystemGUID": "0x0002c903001c56c0"
              "PortGUID": "0x0002c90300a7cbf1",
              "Summary": "Running duplicated master subnet manager",
              "NodeGUID": "0x0002c90300a7cbf1",
              "PortNumber": "0",
              "Scope": "Site",
              "SystemGUID": "0x0002c90300a7cbf0"
      "CreatedBy": "admin",
      "Progress": 100,
      "Operation": "Fabric validation test",
      "ID": "20.1"
  • DetailedStatus – summary of the test results. Consists of two lists:

    • Errors – list of all errors that were found during test execution

    • Warnings – list of all warnings that were found during test execution

  • TestStatus – status of the test completion. Depends on the severity of the results:

    • Completed with Errors – errors are more severe than warnings. Therefore, even when both warnings and errors are found during test execution, the TestStatus will read “Completed with Errors”.

    • Completed with Warnings – warnings are less severe than warnings. Therefore, TestStatus will read “Completed with Warnings” when only warnings are found during test execution.