NVIDIA UFM Enterprise REST API Guide v6.17.0

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise REST API Guide v6.17.0

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About This Manual

This document provides information about all available REST API calls supported by NVIDIA ® UFM ® Enterprise . Every REST API includes the following:

  • Short description

  • Full URL path of the request

  • Output example of the response

Intended Audience

UFM customers: end users, OEMs, Integrators, Customer Support Engineers, Field Application Engineers, and R&D.

Technical Support

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products directly from NVIDIA are invited to contact us through the following methods:

Customers who purchased NVIDIA M-1 Global Support Services, please see your contract for details regarding Technical Support.

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products through an NVIDIA-approved reseller should first seek assistance through their reseller.





Application Programming Interface


Representational State Transfer


Unified Fabric Manager—centralized application for managing InfiniBand fabrics

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