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The following table lists the issues that have been fixed in the current VMA version.

Internal Reference NumberDetails


When VMA_HANDLE_SIGINTR=0, the following issues are no longer encountered:
1. When SIGNIT is caught by VMA, subsequent calls to socket API return EINTR error code immediately.
2. VMA_HANDLE_SIGINTR parameter is ignored by signal() API.

However, when VMA_HANDLE_SIGINTR=1, only the first issue persists.

Keywords: SIGINT; EINTR; signal; sigaction
Discovered in Version: 9.5.2
Fixed in Version: 9.6.4

Description: Fixed the issue of when attempting to perform a second connect() after the first connect() has failed, a segmentation fault took place. Now, an error is received upon second attempt instead.
Keywords: connect(); blocking socket; segmentation fault
Discovered in Version: 9.5.2
Fixed in Version: 9.6.4
3045735Description: Fixed the issue where there was no traffic as long as SR-IOV mode was disabled.
Keywords: SR-IOV; traffic
Discovered in Version: 9.3.1
Fixed in Version: 9.6.4