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Adapter Cards

Added support for Nvidia ConnectX-7 adapter cards. 

DebuggabilityFirmware CR dump will now be collected automatically into ZDUMP PSOD or on livedump for debuggability purposes.
Reading Temperature Sensors

Enables the driver to read the temperature from private statistics.

To see the temperature, run:

# nsxdp-cli ens uplink stats get -n vmnic1 | grep -i asicSensorTemperature 

Hardware Accelerated RoCE EncapsulationAdded support for Hardware Accelerated GENEVE and VXLAN encapsulation and decapsulation for RoCE traffic.
Hardware Accelerated Packet CaptureHardware accelerated flows can now be mirrored using the standard packet capture tools. 
Hardware Accelerated NSX Distributed FirewallAdded the ability to offload NSX Distributed Firewall rules by using in-hardware tracking of packet flows. 
Receive Side Scaling (RSS) for ENS Model 0 and Model 1

RSS support for ENS Model 1 improves performance using fewer CPU cores.

This capability can be enabled using the "netq_rss_ens" module parameter.