Changes and New Features

  • Adjusted logging system in lower-level libs to match SNAP GA standards
  • Implemented support for indirect descriptors in Virtio-blk controller
  • Added encryption metadata support for NVMe controller
  • The spdk_bdev_create RPC is optional for SPDK bdevs
  • Introduced supervisor for improved SNAP service management
  • Fix for FLR handling in ZeroCopy: FLR triggers a bdev reset, guaranteeing the completion of outstanding I/Os. After the asynchronous completion of the bdev reset, FLR processing resumes as usual.
  • Virtio-blk recovery support

  • RPC log (debug)

  • DPA mask

SNAP 4.1.0 introduces the following capabilities:

  • NVMe recovery support

  • NVMeTCP XLIO support

  • Dynamic MSIX support

  • Live upgrade support

SNAP 4.0.1 introduces the following capabilities:

  • Beta-level support for TCP XLIO

  • Virtio-blk Live migration support

  • NVMe optional commands (write-zeros, compare, compare and write)

  • SNAP source package support

  • NVIDIA® BlueField®-3 support

  • Virtio-blk emulation

  • NVMe emulation

  • Hot-plug support

  • SR-IOV support

  • Container support

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