BlueField BMC Software Overview


The BMC node enables remote power cycling, board environment monitoring, NVIDIA® BlueField® SoC temperature monitoring, board power and consumption monitoring, and individual interface resets. The BMC also supports the ability to push a bootstream to the BlueField. Most of the monitoring is performed through IPMI commands, although sysfs entry infrastructure to monitor is available as well.


Make sure to log into the BMC first and change the global default password to prevent malicious attackers from hacking your system.

The procedures described in this manual assume that you have already installed and powered on your device according to the instructions in its bring-up guide.

  • Support for IPMI 2.0 (v1.1) Standards

    • Thermal control – access to all relevant temperature sensors, fan control

    • System management – power state control, power on/off, reboot/reset

    • Environmental monitoring – voltage/current/power

    • Serial over LAN (SOL)

    • RMCP/RMCP+

    • Event log management

    • Event alerting

    • VLAN support

  • Support for DMTF Standards

    • Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI) Specification (DMTF DSP0222)

  • Support for BMC image update

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