BlueField BMC Redfish Triggers

NVIDIA BlueField BMC Software v24.04

Redfish triggers allow the user to get a journal message when a certain metric crosses a defined threshold for a defined time:

  • The trigger threshold can only be a numeric threshold

  • The trigger thresholds are unrelated to the sensor thresholds

  • The maximum number of triggers allowed in the system is 10

For more details, refer to Redfish Resource and Schema Guide.

Adds a numeric trigger to the BMC.


curl -k -u root:'<password>' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://<bmc_ip>/redfish/v1/TelemetryService/Triggers/ -d '{"Id":"< >","Name":"<>","MetricType":"<>","TriggerActions":["<>"],"NumericThresholds":{"<>":{"Activation":"<>","DwellTime":"<>","Reading":<>}},"MetricProperties":["<>"]}'


curl -k -u root:'<password>' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X DELETE https://<bmc_ip>/redfish/v1/TelemetryService/Triggers/<trigger-name>

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