Bug Fixes in This Version

NVIDIA BlueField BMC Software v24.04

For an archive of bug fixes from previous releases, please refer to Bug Fixes History.

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Description: The BMC may rarely exceed the boot timeout set by the ROT resulting in the RoT initiating a second reboot of the BMC.

Discovered in version: 24.01


Description: After a BFB update, it takes the BMC ~30 seconds to sync with the true values from the DPU reflected in the command ipmitool sensor list.

Discovered in version: 24.01


Description: In some instances, consecutive core dumps occur, and since extracting the NIC debug log is a lengthy operation, this could result in log mismatch and inaccurate information.

Discovered in version: 24.01


Description: Add bad syndrome pipe also in dynamic mode.

Discovered in version: 24.01


Description: In the Redfish Systems/Bluefield schema, the Description attribute is of a generic type and does not specify the DPU system.

Discovered in version: 23.09

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