Changes and New Features

NVIDIA BlueField BMC Software v24.04

For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to "Change Log History".

  • Updated RShim user space driver to version 2.0.27

  • Added an additional FRU device to the DPU BMC to reflect DPU Arm FRU information (FRU Reading)

  • Introduced a redfish command to reset the DPU BMC eROT (Glacier) (Activating New CEC)

  • Implemented support for sending sysrq controls to the DPU Arm through the SOL interface (SysRq Support in SOL)

  • Change the Redfish BFB software update and Redfish system dump to try automatically to acquire the RShim interface

  • Added Redfish schema to provide DPU description, base MAC, and base GUID (DPU Information)

  • Introduced Redfish schema to support MultipartHttp UpdateService for DPU BMC and CEC Firmware update (BMC and CEC Firmware Operations)

  • Added Redfish schema for the BlueField Arm network interfaces (OOB and data ports) (BlueField Host Network Interface)

  • Included LLDP Redfish schema for the BlueField BMC's 1Gb/s interface (LLDP in Redfish)

  • Enhanced Redfish support for the service identification property (Product Instance Identifier)

  • Enforced ipmitool user privilege policy

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