Monitoring BlueField Arm State

NVIDIA BlueField BMC Software v24.04

This section outlines methods for monitoring the state of BlueField Arm using either Redfish or IPMI.


curl -k -u root:'<password>' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET https://<bmc_ip>/redfish/v1/Systems/Bluefield

The BlueField Arm state is represented by the OemLastState field under BootProgress.

Example output:


... "BootProgress": {     ...     "OemLastState": "OsIsRunning"   } ...

The possible values for OemLastState are:

  • BootRom

  • BL2

  • BL31

  • UEFI

  • OsStarting

  • OsIsRunning

  • LowPowerStandby

  • FirmwareUpdateInProgress

  • OsCrashDumpInProgress

  • OsCrashDumpIsComplete

  • FWFaultCrashDumpInProgress

  • FWFaultCrashDumpIsComplete

  • Invalid

To get the BlueField Arm state with IPMI, refer to the 0xA3 command under "IPMItool NIC Subsystem Management".

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