RShim Over USB

NVIDIA BlueField-2 BMC Software User Manual v2.8.2-46

This is an internal USB connection which provides RShim connectivity between the BMC and BlueField.

By default, the BMC and BlueField interfaces are configured as follows:



Interface Name



MAC Address



IP Address

Changing Default Credentials Using bf.cfg

Ubuntu users are prompted to change the default password (ubuntu) for the default user (ubuntu) upon first login. Logging in will not be possible even if the login prompt appears until all services are up ("DPU is ready" message appears in /dev/rshim0/misc).


Attempting to log in before all services are up prints the following message: "Permission denied, please try again."

Alternatively, Ubuntu users can provide a unique password that will be applied at the end of the BFB installation. This password would need to be defined in a bf.cfg configuration file. To set the password for the ubuntu user:

  1. Create password hash. Run:


    # openssl passwd -1 Password: Verifying - Password: $1$3B0RIrfX$TlHry93NFUJzg3Nya00rE1

  2. Add the password hash in quotes to the bf.cfg file:


    # vim bf.cfg ubuntu_PASSWORD='$1$3B0RIrfX$TlHry93NFUJzg3Nya00rE1'

    The bf.cfg file will be used with the bfb-install script in the following step.


    Password policy:

    • Minimum password length – 8

    • At least one upper-case letter

    • At least one lower-case letter

    • At least one numerical character

Installing BFB

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