System EEPROMs

NVIDIA BlueField-2 BMC Software User Manual v2.8.2-46

The BMC has access via I2C buses to the BMC FRU EEPROM device which contains production data (e.g. product name, part number, serial number, etc).

The EEPROM device is programmed during manufacturing, and there are two methods to read its content:

  • By issuing commands from the BMC Linux console (e.g., hexdump, i2cdump, dd) directed to the sysfs path for the appropriate EEPROM device. Note that the I2C bus numbering is different in Linux than the hardware I2C numbering. Linux numbering starts at 0 and is one less than the hardware numbering, so access to the DPU and BMC FRU EEPROM is via I2C bus 6 IPMI Platform Management FRU Information Storage Definition (/sys/bus/i2c/devices/{6-0050,6-0055}).

  • By using Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) commands directed to the BMC. The ipmitool command fru print displays the contents of FRU EEPROM.

The BMC u-boot console cannot access system EEPROMs.

From a content perspective, the EEPROMs is formatted to follow IPMI FRU format, as documented in the IPMI Platform Management FRU Information Storage Definition, which is downloadable on the internet. The BMC FRU EEPROM utilizes the "multi-record info" area to specify NVIDIA-specific information. In this case it is the MAC address for the BMC Ethernet ports (eth0).

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