Crossover Fiber Cables

NVIDIA LinkX Cables and Transceivers Guide to Key Technologies

Crossover, Type-B single-mode and multimode fiber cables are offered by NVIDIA for the 100G-PAM4 series only. This enables directly connecting transceivers together and aligning transmit lasers with receiver photodetectors by crossing over the fibers’ pin arrangement inside the cable with both optical connectors. E.g., pin 1 in transmit laser side is crossed over to pin 12 in the receive transceiver’s photodetector side optical connector. Type-A fiber cables have parallel fibers and are used for trunk cables between racks and optical patch panels.

  • Not offered: non-crossover Type-A parallel straight or splitter fiber cables, trunk cables, and crossover fibers longer than 100 meters.

  • Not offered: other fibers such as MPO-12/UPC or MPO-16/APC or LC duplex.

Crossover fiber cable connector ends


Multimode (aqua) and Single-mode (yellow) fiber straight and 1:2 fiber splitter cables


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