Document Revision History

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Ethernet Adapter Cards User Manual


Description of Changes

Nov. 2023Added the 100GBASE-CR2 protocol to Specifications tables

May. 2023

Updated Specifications to include non-operational storage temperature specifications

Aug. 2022

  • Updated the "Legacy (EOL) Ordering Part Numbers"
  • Added a note on the EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benefits table

Jan. 2022

Added table "Legacy (EOL) Ordering Part Numbers"

Jun. 2021

Updated "LED Interfaces"

Mar. 2021

Updated "Troubleshooting"

Jan. 2020

Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.

Feb. 2019

Updated power numbers in "Specifications"

Nov. 2018

First release
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