Document Revision History

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 InfiniBand Ethernet Adapter Cards User Manual



Nov. 2023

Added the 100GBASE-CR2 protocol to Specifications tables

Aug. 2023

Updated bracket dimensions in Specifications

May. 2023

  • Updated Specifications to include non-operational storage temperature specifications

  • Updated dual-port bracket dimensions

Apr. 2023

Updated Monitoring

Mar. 2023

Updated mechanical drawings in Specifications

Dec. 2022

Aug. 2022

  • Added mechanical drawing and board label example for MCX683105AN-HDAT.

  • Added a note about FRU EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benefits table.

Jul. 2022

Updated the "SMBus Interface" under Interfaces.

Jan. 2022

Added MCX683105AN-HDAT.

Mar. 2021

Updated "Troubleshooting".

Dec. 2020

Updated installation instructions.

Dec. 2020

Added MCX653105A-HDAL and MCX653106A-HDAL support across the document.

Mar. 2020

Added MCX651105A-EDAT support across the document.

Sep. 2019

Added a note to the hardware installation instructions.

Aug. 2019

Updated "Package Contents" and "Hardware Installation"

Aug. 2019

Updated "PCI Express Pinouts Description".

Aug. 2019

Updated "Hardware Installation".

Jul. 2019

Updated "Linux Driver" and "Identifying the card in the system" to include lspci command output examples.

Jun. 2019

  • Added MCX653105A-HDAT and MCX654105A-HCAT

    to the UM.

  • Updated "LED Interfaces".

Jun. 2019

  • Added a note to "Windows Driver Installation".

  • Added short and tall brackets dimensions.

May. 20.19

  • Added mechanical drawings to "Specifications".

  • Updated PCB mechanical tolerance in "Specifications".

May. 2019

  • Updated "LEDs Interface" specifications.

  • Updated PCB mechanical tolerance in "Specifications".

Apr. 2019

  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.

  • Added a note to "Introduction"

Feb. 2019

Updated “Specifications"

Feb. 2019

Updated “Specifications”

Jan. 2019

  • Updated “Airflow Specifications”

  • Added a note to “Installation Instructions”

Dec. 2018

Updated “Airflow Specifications”

Dec. 2018

  • Updated “Hardware Requirements”

  • Updated “Product Overview”

Nov. 2018

Updated “Hardware Requirements”

Oct. 2018

First release

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