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NVIDIA Networking Server-Side Documentation of Flexboot v3.7.400 & UEFI v14.34.12

No bug fixes were introduced in this version. For a list of old Bug Fixes, please see Bug Fixes History.

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Description: The UEFI HII "Host Priv Rshim" setting appears in the DPU UEFI HII menu, but since the setting is empty, changing it has no affect on the firmware

Keywords: HII menu to Disable/enable RSHIM, HII menu

Discovered in Version: 14.33.10

Fixed in release: 14.34.12


Description: Driver boot fails when UEFI boot Images that include a boot loader attempt to read data larger than 2MB.

Workaround: Do no use Memory Manager nor GGA for Snap3. You may use DV (configure SNAP_DMA_Q_OPMODE=2 <--- DV).

Keywords: NVMe ,Virtio-blk Emulation Device

Discovered in Version: 14.32.17

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