Changes and New Features - UEFI

NVIDIA Networking Server-Side Documentation of Flexboot v3.7.400 & UEFI v14.34.12

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Rev. 14.34.12


Introducing a UEFI version update due to a firmware version change

Link Status

FlexBoot PXE driver will report logical link status instead of physical link status. This impacts the Bluefield devices as follows:

As long as the OVS on the ARM side is ready, the FlexBoot driver on the Host will report the link status is up even if the physical link status is down

Virtio Blk UEFI

Added support to boot Windows OS installer through the Virtio BLK emulation device from the Host for Bluefield devices

The following are the lists of UEFI APIs (protocols) installed over UEFI:

Driver handle

  • EFI Component name Protocol

  • EFI Component name 2 Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics 2 Protocol

  • EFI Driver Health Protocol

PCI controller handle

  • EFI Driver binding protocol (driver start, stop, supported) installed by system UEFI on handle

Port handle

(child handle to PCI controller handle, one handle per port)

  • EFI Device Path Protocol

  • EFI Network Interface Identifier Protocol (UNDI)

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