FlexBoot Link Aggregation Control Protocol

NVIDIA Networking Server-Side Documentation of Flexboot v3.7.400 & UEFI v14.34.12


Configuration via mlxconfig , mlxconfig d <device> set BOOT_LACP_DIS=(Values 0:False, 1:True)


FlexBoot does not respond to LACP configuration frames from the switch.

Note: FlexBoot answers only to LACP PDUs, no port aggregation occurs during any of the PXE stages.


  1. When FlexBoot support for LACP is enabled, the LACP in the switch must be set to mode "Active" in order for Flexboot to success in PXE Booting. If planning to perform PXE over the second NIC port while connected to an LACP in the switch, it is recommended to directly initiate PXE on that port (via BIOS configuration) without performing PXE over the first port.

  2. When Flexboot support for LACP is disabled, the LACP configuration in the switch should support Individual link mode.

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