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This section specifies InfiniBand parameters related to MAD sending.

--mads_timeout <mads-timeout>Specifies the timeout (in milliseconds) for  r waiting mad responses (default=500).
--mads_retries <mads-retries>Specifies the number of mad retries in case of mad timeout (default=2).
--smp_window <num>Specifies maximum number of QP0 MADs on wire (default=8).
--gmp_window <num>Specifies maximum number of QP1 MADs on wire (default=128).
--max_hops <max-hops>Specifies the maximum hops for the discovery process (default=64).
--sl <value>Specifies the SL to be used for QP1 MADs (default=0).


ibdiagnet --mads_timeout 1000 --mads_retries 3 --gmp_window 128 --gmp_window 4096 --max_hops 64