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Fabric Discovery

Sweeps the InfiniBand fabric and collects information from the following InfiniBand devices:

  • Switches
  • HCAs
  • Routers
  • Aggregation Nodes
  • Gateways
Duplicated GUIDs DetectionChecks and reports duplicated Node and Port GUIDs in the fabric.
Duplicate Node Description DetectionChecks and warns regarding duplicated node description of switches or HCAs.
Alias GUIDs CheckPerforms alias GUID checks (Relevant for ConnectX-3 devices only)
LIDs CheckPerforms correct LID assignment and duplicated LID check for InfiniBand devices.
Links in INIT State and Unresponsive Nodes DetectionReports links in INIT logical state. Additionally, it reports unresponsive devices and Direct Route to such devices.
Split Cables SupportReports split cables in ibdiagnet dumps and logs.
Counters FetchFetches various counters from InfiniBand devices, including standard and extended port counters, diagnostic counters, phy counters, etc.
Error Counters CheckChecks errors counters crossing thresholds between counter snapshots.
Routing Fetch and ChecksPerforms correctness check of the switch routing tables as well as checking of credit-loop free routing.
Link Width and Speed ChecksChecks that fabric links are operating at maximum supported speed and width.
Dumping Virtualization InformationDumps virtualization information from channel adaptors.
Dumping SHARP Trees Structures and SHARP Counters
Dumping SHIELD Configuration and Counters
Topology MatchingPerforms matching of fabric topology with previously stored one.
Fast DiscoveryAvoids rediscovering the fabric by using previously cached fabric data.
Support IB SecurityUsing MKEY, VSKEY, AMKEY and CC KEY for dumping fabric configuration.
Partition ChecksDumps and validates HCA and switch partition tables.
BER TestReports links with high Bit Error Rate (BER).
Dump PCI Data from Servers
Dump Cable Info
Dump PHY Info