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For previous releases changes, refer to .Changes and New Features History v2.8.0.

Proactive FRN (pFRN)

Added support for Proactive FRN (pFRN) configuration and counters.

HashBasedForwardingAdded support for HashBasedForwarding (HBF).
PortVLXmitWaitAdded support for vendor spec PortVLXmitWait 64bit.
Hierarchy Info

Added support for Hierarchy Info (A15 InfiniBand spec):

  • Port Hierarchy Info
  • Physical Hierarchy Info
PHY pluginAdded support for up to 16 fans (START_FANS_SPEED section).
SHARP trees validationAdded new validations for SHARP trees in fat-tree topology with "parallel" links between switches.
VL ArbitrationAdded support for VL Arbitration.
CablesModified the format for temperature thresholds. How it uses human readable format.
PMPortSamplesControlAdded PMPortSamplesControl to db_csv.
FDBS fileEnabled FDBS file creation by default.
DFP dump fileImproved DFP dump file.
Dump filePerformance improvements in dump file creation

Changes in Command Line Parameters

VersionToolParameter NameStatusDescription




The same functionality is supported by --disable_output option

Value: skip_far


Values: vs, far, rn, drnc, crnc



Get all PM counters by activate the following flags: --per_slvl_cntrs --sc --extended_speeds pm_per_lane



Clear all PM counters by activate the following flags: --scr --pc



Regular expression to select topology root nodes. To be applied to switch descriptions.

Value: <regular expression>