DPU settings

This page describes requirements to DPU.

Check official DPU documentation for details.

  • Disable security boot

Check official UEFI documentation for details.

The DPU provides management interfaces to the BMC.

The BMC, based on the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) standard, supports both out-of-band (OOB) dedicated interfaces, and a serial port to access the CLI of the BMC. In the DPU BMC, a privileged BMC user needs to be created, and also it is needed to enable permissions to execute IPMI commands remotely for users with admin permissions.

Read BMC Management document to set BMC on DPU. Check official ipmitool documentation for details about utility.

Configuration steps

  • Set BMC user password and name

  • Enable remote IPMI command functionality for user

  • Set user privilege to 4 (administrator level)


ipmitool user set name <user id> <user name> ipmitool user set password <user id> <password> ipmitool user enable <user id> ipmitool user priv <user id> 0x4 <channel> ipmitool channel setaccess <channel> <user id> ipmi=on

The provisioning components need BMC’s credentials to be able to access the DPU’s BMC. Parameters password and name should be passed as credentials during provisioning. See Provisioning API - Overview as a reference.

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