MFA1A00-xxxx 100Gb_s QSFP28 MMF Active Optical Cable Product Specifications

The transceiver complies with the SFF 8665 specification and has the following key features:

  • Physical layer link optimization:

    • Programmable Tx input equalization

    • Programmable Rx output amplitude

    • Programmable Rx output pre-emphasis

    • Tx/Rx CDR control

  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM):

    • Rx receive optical power monitor

    • Tx transmit optical power monitor

    • Tx bias current monitor

    • Supply voltage monitor

    • Transceiver case temperature monitor

  • Other SFF-8636 functions and interrupt indications:

    • Tx & Rx LOS indication

    • Tx & Rx LOL indication

    • Tx fault indication

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