NVIDIA MFP7E10-Nxxx Optical Multimode Fiber Cable Product Specifications

The MFP7E10 Fiber Cable is intended for interconnection of 2 switch together or a switch to 2 network adapters. The cable mates with pluggable optical 400GbE/NDR transceivers such as Nvidia’s MMA4Z00-NS twin port OSFP DR8 transceiver for InfiniBand and Ethernet systems in the switch end and MMA4Z00-NS400 (OSFP) or MMA1Z00-NS400 (QSFP112) in ConnectX-7 network adapters and BlueField-3 DPUs.

  • Twin port OSFP transceivers must use the same fiber type in both MPO-12/APC ports (straight or 1:2 splitter) and cannot be mixed.

  • 50-meter specification assumes two optical patch panels in the link with total of 4 optical connector junctions

  • Multimode fibers use an industry standard Aqua fiber jacket color

  • Jacket is Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) type to reduce toxic smoke in event of a fire.

  • The connector has an NVIDIA green connector shell denoting MPO-12/APC. The MPO-12/UPC typically a blue shell for Ultra-flat Polish Connectors.

  • MPO-12/APC connectors cannot be used with MPO-12/UPC Ultra-flat Polished Connectors which are typically used in 4x25G-NRZ (100G) and 4x50G-PAM4 (200G) transceivers as the fiber polishes are different and will not mate.

  • The split ends can support either OSFP and/or QSFP112 transceivers at the same time depending on the adapter type.

MFP7E10-Nxxx in switch-switch and switch-adapter links:



The MFP7E10-Nxxx fiber cables have 8 individual fibers, 4 in each direction. A positioning key together with the alignment pins define the fiber position numbering scheme.

The MPO connectors are the angle-polished (APC) type which provide minimal reflection of the optical signal for optimal signal integrity.

Multimode Fiber Cable with MPO/APC Connectors:


Detail of the MPO/APC Connector:


Transceivers have alignment pins for precise positioning of the cable connector against the optical beams. The fiber cable has alignment holes matching the transceiver’s pins.

MPO Connector with Alignment Holes and Positioning Key:


Optical Receptacle and Lane Assignment (transceiver, front view):


The cable is shipped with dust caps which protect the connectors from contamination during shipment and installation. The caps should not be removed until the cable is plugged in at the time of installation. Prior to insertion of the fiber cable into the transceiver, always clean both the cable and the transceiver connector using optical connector cleaners to remove any contamination. Keep the cables away from any Liquids.

Fiber cables have no conductive parts and are not ESD sensitive. However, they plug into ESD sensitive transceivers. Due to that, standard ESD handling precautions must be observed during installation.


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