New Features

The following are the new features and changes that were added in this version.




Remove Dependency Between SR-IOV and eSwitch Mode

[All HCAs] Removed dependency between SR-IOV and eSwitch mode. Currently, there are three eSwitch modes: none, legacy, and switchdev (non of which are the default mode). When disabling SR-IOV, the current eSwitch mode will be changed to none. This feature removes eSwitch mode none and also removes dependency between SR-IOV and eSwitch mode.

DevLink Parallel Command

[All HCAs] Added support for running DevLink commands in parallel on different DevLink devices is possible. For example, burning firmware on a few cards on the same host in parallel using DevLink API is now possible.

Graceful Shutdown of Parent and Page Supplier

[All HCAs] Set default graceful period values for functions based on their type. ECPFs will get graceful period of 3 minutes, PFs get 1 minute, and VFs/SFs get 30 seconds.

N Pulses Per Second (NPPS)

[ConnectX-6 Dx and above] Enhanced NPPS to allow setting a pulse period higher than 1 pulse per second and to allow setting the pulse width.

If the width is unset, the driver implicitly sets it to half the given period (the width should be less than the pulse period). In this release, the pulse duration ranges between 65536 NS–524288 NS.

Remote Invalidate Option for MKeys

[All HCAs] Addded support for the option to enable remote invalidation when creating a new mkey. This way the rkey for a memory region can be changed frequently.

GPUDirect Over DMA-BUF

[All HCAs] Added support for GPUDirect support over dma-buf. As such, using the new mechanism nv_peer_mem is no longer required.

The following is required for dma-buf support:

  • Linux kernel version 5.12 or later

  • OpenRM version 515 or later

Perftest support was added as well:
Default option in perftest is without dmabuf. To run with this option, add --use_cuda_dmabuf in addition to use_cuda flag.


Bug fixes





Bug fixes

For additional information on the new features, please refer to MLNX_EN User Manual.

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