Bug Fixes History




  • Fixed a crash incident when isolating the switch using:

    • the "held_back_sw_guid" file while running SM with updn/ar_updn

    • using GUIDs order file with a port group that includes HCAs that are connected to a held-back switch

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in breaking routing for virtual port LIDs upon failover/restart

  • Fixed an issue that caused ar_ftree to create non-credit loop free routing between IO nodes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in continuation of the discovery stage during subnet configuration stage

  • Fixed an issue that missed getting MEPI after switch reset

  • Fixed multicast group leak when handling leave of SendOnlyFullMembers of multicast groups

  • Fixed a leak when spoofing notice 144 for virtual ports


  • Enabled SA requests with default subnet prefix in GRH on subnet with non-default subnet prefix

  • Fixed a crash when processing virtual ports after aborted heavy sweep

  • Fixed a wrong direct route for GeneralInfo MADs after coming out-of-standby

  • Fixed s crash in UPDN LID tracking that happened when multithreading was enabled

  • Fixed file descriptor leakage when running with crashd

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in setting default pkey at index 0 on invalid partitions.conf

  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting ar_sl_mask on hosts when running with armgr plugin

  • Freed alias GUIDs resources when deleting virtual port object

  • Fixed checking 2x link width capability

  • Enabled handling MCMemberRecord request with default subnet prefix on subnet with non-default subnet prefix


  • Fixed memory overflow upon virtual ports removal from the Subnet when using Adaptive Routing.

  • Fixed handling ‘;’ and ‘:’ in nodes names in port groups policy file parser.

  • Fixed missing routes-to-routers after recovery the routing engine in Dragonfly+.

  • Fixed port_search_order usage when LMC is enabled.

  • Fixed SA LinkRecords and MultipathRecords LMC support.

  • Fixed partition checking for LinkRecord and PortInfoRecord queries.

  • Fixed dedicated groups calculation for switches with ANs when FRN enabled.

  • Fixed router support in port groups.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented SADB dumping when updating service records.

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