Bug Fixes in this Version

F or previous releases Bug Fixes, refer to Bug Fixes History.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred during a race between the LFT record get query and routing configuration.

  • Fixed a non-generic notices statistics counters in the dump file.

  • Fixed the postponing isolation and reporting process of the noisy ports.

  • Fixed an issue related to the selecting of the held back/isolated switches as roots for multicast trees.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the unresponsive links to to remain in Active state.

  • Fixed an issue that affected the writing of invalid AN2AN links to SMDB dump file.

  • Fixed the IPoIB traffic loss after changing the subnet prefix and loading the MC groups from SADB upon SM restart.

  • Fixed the SM build on Debian with libibumad from rdma-core.

  • Fixed the way how port capability changes are handled during runtime.

  • Fixed an incorrect endianness issue in error log message 0F29.

  • Fixed an incorrect log message when enabling SHARP on the device.

  • Fixed the statistics counters race condition with SM multi port.

  • RFixed rewriting of the statistics file when the existing file had different header than the current. In case the previous header is different from the current, a backup of the old file is created as well as the updated statistics file.

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