NVIDIA Networking Server-Side Preboot Drivers (Flexboot/UEFI) User Manual v16.0 LTS
NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

Case II: Ethernet Ports

When a FlexBoot client boots, it sends the DHCP server various information, including its DHCP hardware Ethernet address (MAC). The MAC address is 6 bytes long, and it is used to distinguish between the various DHCP sessions.

All Ethernet NICs have a label on the printed side of the adapter card that has the card serial number and the card MAC address.


The six bytes of MAC address can be captured from the display upon the boot of the ConnectX device session as shown in the figure below.


  1. Start mst.


    host1# mst start  host1# mst status

    The following MFT commands assume that the MFT package has been installed on the client machine.

  2. Obtain the MAC using the device name.
    The device name will be of the form: /dev/mst/ mt<dev_id>_pci{_cr0|conf0}.


    flint -d <MST_DEVICE_NAME> q

    Assuming that FlexBoot is connected via Port 1, then the MAC address is 00:02:c9:0c:7c:11.

The following is an excerpt of a /etc/dhcpd.conf example file showing the format of representing a client machine for the DHCP server running on a Linux machine.


host host1 { next-server; filename "pxelinux.0"; fixed-address; hardware ethernet 00:02:c9:0c:78:12; }

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