The NVIDIA Spectrum SN5000 series switches are the 5th generation of Spectrum switches, purpose-built to accelerate data center fabrics. The SN5000 series provides port speeds spanning from 40GbE to 800GbE, and delivers accelerated Ethernet to every data center. The SN5000 series is ideal for enabling cloud-scale infrastructure for data centers of any size. The SN5000 switch systems provide high performance and consistent low latency along with support for advanced software defined networking features, making them the ideal choice for AI, cloud, data analytics, and simulation applications.

Powered by NVIDIA Spectrum-4 ASICs, the SN5000 series features dynamic, flexible shared buffers and predictable wire speed performance. The SN5000 is built to accelerate NVIDIA platforms, including NVIDIA EGXTM, NVIDIA DGX PODTM , and NVIDIA OVXTM SuperPODs, and AI solution stacks such as NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA LaunchPad. As part of the Spectrum platform, the SN5000 systems are pre-tested and pre-validated with NVIDIA’s full portfolio of Ethernet networking technology, including BlueField DPUs, ConnectX SmartNICs, and LinkX interconnects. This end-to-end switch to host solution is critical to powering accelerated workloads, and delivers the high performance and innovative feature set needed to supercharge cloud-native applications at scale.

SN5000 switch systems are based on the high-performance Spectrum-4 ASIC with a bidirectional switching capacity of up to 51.2 Tbps. SN5000 platforms are available in a range of configurations, each delivering high performance combined with feature-rich layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding, ideally suited for both top-of-rack leaf and fixed configuration spines. SN5000 series provides full wire speed, cut through-mode latency, on-chip fully-shared 128MB packet buffering, and flexible port use in addition to advanced capabilities. Combining a wide range of innovations in the area of programmability, telemetry, and tunneling with industry-leading performance, NVIDIA SN5000 series is capable of addressing the complex networking requirements of today’s data centers.

  • The SN5400 smart spine/super-spine offers 64 ports of 400GbE in a dense 2U form factor, fully splittable to up to 128 ports of 200GbE/40GbE, and up to 256 ports of 10/25/50/100GbE when used with splitter cables.

  • The SN5600 smart spine/super-spine offers 64 ports of 800GbE in a dense 2U form factor, fully splittable to up to 128 ports of 400GbE, and up to 256 ports of 10/25/50/100/200GbE when used with splitter cables.

For a full list of all available ordering options, see Ordering Information.

SN5400 Front View


SN5600 Front View


SN5400 and SN5600 Rear View


The table below describes maximum throughput and interface speed per system model.

System Model


Supported Rates

Max Throughput


64 QSFP-DD 400GbE

2xSFP28 25GbE

64 x 400GbE

128 x 200GbE

256 x 10/25/50/100GbE



64 OSFP 800GbE

1xSFP28 25GbE

64 x 800GbE

128 x 400GbE

256 x 10/25/50/100/200GbE


*The systems support different interfaces and speed rates using QSFP/QSDP-DD to SFP adapters or breakout cables. For further information, see Splitter (Breakout) Cables and Adapters.

The table below lists the various management interfaces, PSUs and fans per system model.

System Model


RJ45 MGT (Management)

RJ45 Console







Yes, 2

Yes, 4





Yes, 2

Yes, 4

For a full feature list, please refer to the system’s product brief. Go to In the main menu, click on Products > Ethernet Switch Systems, and select the desired product family.

For a list of certifications (such as EMC, Safety and others) per system for different regions of the world, please contact your NVIDIA representative.

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