Configuring Appliance

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Gen 3.0 (HDR) Hardware User Manual

It is not recommended to reset the BIOS settings to default values (factory settings). Doing so may impact the functionality of the UFM appliance. The future BIOS version will allow a proper reset of default BIOS settings.

The NVIDIA® UFM® Enterprise Appliance has multiple Ethernet management interfaces. The primary management interface is eno8303. The MAC address for eno8303 is available on the pull tab and can be configured in the DHCP server. To use the remote management controller with DHCP, the free-range IP allocation must be enabled on the DHCP server.

The appliance supports a direct connection via a serial port.

To connect to the appliance:


Configuration via a serial port is only required if you wish to use a static IP address and not the out-of-the-box DHCP setting for eno8303. Otherwise, an IP will be assigned by the DHCP server, and you will be able to log into the Ubuntu OS.

  1. Connect the host PC to the DB9 port of the appliance system using the provided RS232 DB9-to-DB9 cable .


  2. Configure a serial terminal program (for example, HyperTerminal, minicom, or Tera Term) on your host PC with the settings described in the table below.

    Serial Terminal Program Configuration



    Baud Rate


    Data bits


    Stop bits




    Flow Control


  3. Log in (from a serial terminal program) as root and use UFMappliance as the password.

  4. Configure a static IP with Netplan (edit the file /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml).

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