Appendix - Managed Switches Configuration Info Persistency

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.13.1

UFM uses a periodic system information-pulling mechanism to query managed switches inventory data. The inventory information is saved in local JSON files for persistency and tracking of managed switches' status.

Upon UFM start up, UFM loads the saved JSON files to present them to the end user via REST API or UFM WEB UI.

After UFM startup is completed, UFM pulls all managed switches data and updates the JSON file and the UFM model periodically (the interval is configurable). In addition, the JSON files are part of UFM system dump.

The following parameters allow configuration of the feature via gv.cfg fie:


[SrvMgmt] # how often UFM should send json requests for sysinfo to switches (in seconds) systems_poll = 180  # To create UFM model in large setups might take a lot of time. # This is an initial delay (in minutes) before starting to pull sysinfo from switches. systems_poll_init_timeout = 5 # to avoid sysinfo dump overloading and multiple writing to host # switches sysinfo will be dumped to disc in json format every set in this variable # sysinfo request. If set to 0 - will not be dumped, if set to 1 - will be dumped every sysinfo request # this case (as example defined below) dump will be created every fifth sysinfo request, so if system_poll is 180 sec (3 minutes) sysinfo dump to the file will e performed every 15 minutes. sysinfo_dump_interval = 5 # location of the sysinfo dump file (it is in /opt/ufm/files/logs (it will be part of UFM dump) sysinfo_dump_file_path = /opt/ufm/files/log/sysinfo.dump

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