Changes and New Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5



Rev 3.0.50000 (DRV 3.0. 25668)

Adapter Cards

ConnectX-4 adapter card will no longer be supported as of WinOF-2 v3.1.


Added a new mode to FwWaWqeTooSmallMode.
In this mode the firmware will not generate a WQE completion and will discard the arrived packet (Discard Wqe No Cqe) when VF WQE is too small .
By exposing the WqeTooSmall counter in the VM, the new mode enables the counter to count the number of times this action is successfully performed by the firmware.

NVIDIA BlueField-2 NIC Mode

The driver now supports NVIDIA BlueField-2 devices over IPoB running in NIC mode. In this mode, the DPU behaves exactly like an adapter card from the perspective of the external host.

For further information, see section "NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU NIC Operation Mode" in the NVIDIA BlueField-2 Firmware Release Notes.

Port Traffic Counters

Added new counters to "Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Port Traffic".

For further information see section Adapter Cards Counters.

Diagnostic Counters

Added a new counter "Packets Received dropped due to lack of receive WQEs" to the "Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Diagnostics" counters set.

For further information see section Adapter Cards Counters.


As of WinOF-2 v3.0, the DOCA module will be published on a separate package.
DOCA comm channel and socket relay applications were moved to the new DOCA, thus they are removed from the WinOF-2 package.

Note: A DOCA developer should install the DOCA SDK package and not the DevX SDK package.

For more information please see the DOCA documentation.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes


For information on previous releases changes and new features, refer to section Release Notes Change Log History.

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