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SAN network boot is not supported.

Configuring the WDS, DHCP and iSCSI Servers

Configuring the WDS Server

  1. Install the WDS server.
  2. Extract the drivers to a local directory using the '-a' parameter.

    Mellanox.msi.exe -a
  3. Add the driver to boot.wim (i.e., Use ‘index:2’ for Windows setup and ‘index:1’for WinPE).

    dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:boot.wim /index:2 /MountDir:mnt
    dism /Image:mnt /Add-Driver /Driver:drivers /recurse
    dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:mnt /commit
  4. Add the NVIDIA® driver to install.wim (i.e., When adding the NVIDIA® driver to install.wim, verify you are using the appropriate index for your OS flavor. To check the OS run ‘imagex /info’).

    dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:install.wim /index:4 /MountDir:mnt
    dism /Image:mnt /Add-Driver /Driver:drivers /recurse
    dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:mnt /commit
  5. Add the new boot and install images to WDS. 

For additional details on WDS, please refer to:

Configuring iSCSI Target

  1. Install iSCSI Target (e.g StartWind).
  2. Add to the iSCSI target initiators the IP addresses of the iSCSI clients.

Configuring the DHCP Server

  1. Install a DHCP server.
  2. Add to IPv4 a new scope.
  3. Add boot client identifier (MAC/GUID) to the DHCP reservation.
  4. Add to the reserved IP address the following options if DHCP and WDS are deployed on the same server:


Root Path


Assuming the iSCSI target IP is: and the Target Name: iqn:2011-01:iscsiboot





Boot Server Host Name

WDS server IP address


Boot File Name


When DHCP and WDS are NOT deployed on the same server, DHCP options (60, 66, 67) should be empty, and the WDS option 60 must be configured.

Configuring the Client Machine

To configure your client, set the “Mellanox Adapter Card” as the first boot device in the BIOS settings boot order.

Installing the Operating System

  1. Reboot your client.
  2. Press F12 when asked to proceed to network boot.
    Network Service Boot in ISCSi

    Network Service Boot in PXE

  3. Choose the relevant boot image from the list of all available boot images presented.

  4. Choose the Operating System you wish to install.

  5. Run the Windows Setup Wizard.
  6. Choose target drive to install Windows and follow the instructions presented by the installation Wizard.

Installation process will start once completing all the required steps in the Wizard, the Client will reboot and will boot from the iSCSI target.